you better knock, knock, knock on wood

so this week I chucked wood…

…up on the table – on the white paper – in my front yard – and took its pictures!

we had a ton of bits of rescued awesome made outta wood to post, so I set myself up as soon as the sun was on the proper side of the house and shot my little heart out (not literally)…


I’m just so happy the yard’s full of GREEN again and not covered in ten feet of (pretty and magical but also cold and heavy) snow!

Last night: date night with William…X-Men, lots of candy, Burger King, plenty of hand-holding.

coming up: super fun weekend with Noah’s bff James, Chuck E Cheese and some sort of race car track driving happy-fun-time to celebrate James’ birthday, trips to neighboring New England states for more mason jars, hours of lake-swimming, chocolate chip pancakes…and more laughin’ than any of us can handle!

over and out –


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