shiny happy people

holla! our weekend was amazing, despite the temperature being in the FIFTIES so there was no swimming to be swum.

there WERE go-karts and arcade games and googly eyes, happy pancakes and BFFs, sleepovers and E.T., Alf and Guitar Hero, birthday cupcakes for James (Noah’s bff) and (yes I know boys don’t call each other ‘bff’) grilled meats and veggies for dinner…

<— I love that he wanted to take E.T. to his sleepover

and then Monday ..Martypants and I took a trip to Rhode Island to meet a sweet former canner named Ruth (she had horses and squirrels and a beautiful pond, too!) .. her husband passed away and she won’t be canning anymore…

she had a few dozen canning jars in her barn she was looking to unload, and we were more than willing to be the unload-ees! yay!

Martypants loves to ride in the car.

.. today I’m working on watering the plants…

trying to sell one of the awesome Selig chairs we estate-sale-scored…

creating a dozen orange/green/purple solar lanterns for a sweet etsy customer hosting an eco-friendly bridal shower in PA next month…

and enjoying the sunshine after a few grey, chilly, damp days!


– janet


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