simple things turn magical

hey, it’s what we do!

we rescue vintage used and unused canning jars from
– estate sales
– rummage sales
– tag sales
– garage sales
– yard sales
– side of the road
– basements
– falling-down-barns

some are Atlas, some are Ball, all are vintage and a bit forlorn – they were just waiting for someone to come along and lovingly repurpose, up-cycle, turn them into something prettily charming that non-canners such as ourselves can enjoy and treasure for a long, long time.

so we take them home and we use a bit of paper, a bit of imagination, and a bit of solar power and voilà! the sweetest, brightest, sassiest decorations you’ll ever have on your deck

or at your party
at your wedding
in your yard
as a night-light
and so on…

just set them outside during the day and let them soak up the sun.
delight in the stained glass aspect they so gorgeously smack of
…and then as night falls you and yours can bask in the firefly-esque glow!

– LED solar lights are safer than other types of lights because they don’t produce heat and aren’t wired to an electrical source
– LED life expectancy typically exceeds 25 years, based on running 10 hours every night
– they do not contain mercury, so easier to dispose of when they do burn out.
– so pretty!

some are decoupaged for JUST the look and color and theme a customer wants

some are left beautifully plain to capture the simple feel of mason jars at dusk

either way, we love them, we have tons of them lighting up OUR humble yard, and we enjoy the heck out of making them together.

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