let’s hear it for the boy(s)

one or two photos of what Noah’s been up to..

(mostly with his dad and with his bff James…I’m generally the one behind the camera!)

(yes, I’m aware boys don’t call each other bff, shush)


antiquing with us! (he found an antique teenage mutant ninja turtle 🙂

ice cream tongues
eating spongebob ice creams off the ice cream truck til their tongues turn black


swmming! and taking it seriously. mmhmm
james swimmin

knee boards

having knee-board ‘races’ wherein no one gets more than two feet from shore, no matter HOW furiously they paddle

fallin off

…falling off knee boards…

fallin off some more

and falling off again…


towing each other around in the lake!



hiking (and looking quite handsome with) with dad and optimus prime

boston museum of science

exploring the Boston Museum of Science ^

learning how to make his own lunch!

learning how

getting a painful boo boo in the lake =(

boo boo

movie time

watching movies with friends

watchin movies

playin guitar:

playin guitar

eatin pizza

eatin pizza ^

and wading in rivers…


taking in GORGEOUS views in NH and VT..


taking photos of photographers..


beach boys

& ridin waves, catchin tan, growing freckles, chasing crabs, tossing frisbees, etc…at the beach

and more and more and more and more

that child never stops! I love him!

only 25 days of summer left!

(only sixteen days til my birthday!)

happy Thursday, happy August, happy summer youse guys!

– janet

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