sweet home ala-chusetts

we had an amazing 10-day, 13-state trip down south and back up again

seein’ friends and family, seein’ Rock City and Ruby Falls

pettin’ roosters and holdin’ babies

eatin’ BBQ and homemade ice cream

feedin’ turtles and ..sweating.

drivin’ sleepin’ laughin’ talkin’

acquiring many new acquisitions for our little etsy shops

and so on and so forth

and we made it home and Noah started school and William’s had several weeks off work

and even though it’s too cold to swim in the lake anymore, the leaves are turning and falling

and we’re enjoying hiking and bike rides and apple festivals

and the Cosby show from start to finish, thankyouverymuch Netflix

(and Arrested Development from start to finish after the boy’s in bed) (YAY coming back to us! http://www.tmz.com/2011/10/02/arrested-development-television-show-one-more-season-mitch-hurwitz-ron-howard/)

sunny and 81 today, I better back away from this computer slowly…

– janet


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