hey look – it’s a …sneak peak at our new venture

see, the thing is. we love mason jars.

they’re wicked cool to look at. they’re versatile. you can put flowers in ’em or drink sweet tea out of ’em. etc. etc. etc.

centerpieceoffice craftsbathroom photocoins crayons

and so…we decided, in the interest of being eco-friendly and reusing things, our love for lovely smelling candles and beautiful mason jars, & fun and craftiness here in our New England lakefront secret candle Lab-or-a-tory…

to embark upon a candle-making adventure!


I mean – we have our solar lights, and they’ve done marvelously all summer long – but hey, it’s autumn..winter’s coming…and these lovely candles give off so much warmth and light and glowy goodness, you won’t believe it.


small batches, hand poured – 100% soy, no dye, all-cotton wicks, luscious skin-safe botanical oil fragrances…


and it’s one more crafty, fun, world-bettering thing I get to do with my BFF! and our house smells like a yummy candle factory!

 white 2 with lid ball jar

so there ya go. they illuminate. they aromify. you’ll love them at first light.

AND when you’re all done with the candle – wash the soy out with water and soap..

and use the mason jar(s) to your heart’s content! reduce, reuse, recycle!

AND part two of our candle-making-adventure…

when we’re at estate sales/yard sales/thrift stores/freecycling by the side of the road, etc…we often run across a wicked cool vintage GLASS that’s all alone, or a PLANTER that’s adorable, or a BOWL that’s not part of a set, a random thing we love but can’t figure out what it is and therefore won’t sell at our etsy shop, etc – and …well, at some point, we started thinking, “heyyyyyyy that would make a cute candle!”

and you know what? they DO make cute candles!

owl box apothecary mikasa deer tea

and – again – when the candle’s all done, simply wash them out (really, soy is SO easy to wash out! nothing like paraffin!) and use them as cups, as button holders, as spittoons, whatever you like!!

owl button apple

see? double eco-friendly! used at one point in time by someone else…

repurposed into a candle for YOU to use to yummify your home…

and then re-repurposed into something ELSE by you! jewelry box, sugar packet bowl, change jar, *eek* condom holder, what-have-you!

We’re still working on getting everything ready – so nothing’s available at the shop yet ( ), but they will be soon!

some of the scents we’ll have available are…*drum roll*

violet lime : peanut butter & jelly : pumpkin souffle’ : apples & maple bourbon : antique sandalwood : white tea : blueberry muffin : juicy juicy watermelon : Christmas tree…and lots more!

so there you have it – what we’ve been up to lately!

oh, also, it SNOWED LAST NIGHT. yesh. October 27. snow snow snow on the ground ground ground.

hullllooooo I am still enjoying the fall leaves! you are trying to confuse me, Weather God. Please maybe hold off on the snow for a bit longer. I mean. It’s purty. But …so is autumn! sniff.

over and out –


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