a Snow-tober to remember!

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there we were. october 29th. the day after my most recent post…

ready to attend a spooky halloweeny bumpy in the nighty event..


zombiefied and made up, full of pizza and apple cider..


but wouldn’t you know it? this!! was going on outside!


we drove off bravely to TRY to celebrate halloween like zombie eskimos, but alas, they turned us away


oh, but it WAS pretty!



..while we still had power

and while there was still SLEDDING TO BE SLEDDED!





…and Santa Paul to snatch the hat and hairz off of!


late in the evening we fell asleep watching Princess Bride (well, the boy did)

William and I lay awake for a while thumps of snow and limbs and who-knows-what falling down on the house

…but we had each other and we were warm

and when we all got up in the morning, the power was gone (and therefore the heat and water)

BUT our home was intact, and all the giant branches our trees lost missed the house by thissssssss much

our shed



the 30th was spent chopping limbs and driving around ogling damage and trying to keep warm

knowing the power wouldn’t be on anytime soon, but hoping for SOONER rather than later

using water from the tub we’d filled for flushing, etc


our power (and therefore heat, water, etc) was to remain KAPUT from Saturday night the 29th through Saturday afternoon the 5th – and we lost two of our fish to the cold =(

LUCKILY for the mammals in the family, Noah’s aunt and uncle allowed us to stay warm and dry and bathed in their home a few towns over – and Noah was able to go trick-or-treating on ACTUAL halloween, yay!



[in the snow!]

and we finally had time to teach the kid Stratego (yay..?)

will        noah

camping out was fun – and we are ETERNALLY grateful for the lovely warm place to go and hot showers and an oven and cell phone service – but owwwwwww did air mattresses wreak havoc on my back and Will’s!

so the following week was much relaxing and a massage or two…and waiting for the snow to melt and the tree people to come take away the fallen trees


our etsy customers were very patient with us, and our neighbors were a HUGE help, keeping us informed as to the comings and goings of the power trucks (mostly the goings) throughout the week of no power, and we’re ever so thankful (this Thanksgiving) for one another, for friends and family, for the comforts of modern life, for our home – and for a beautiful, snowy October

RIP Angel Fish and Sarah Suckerfish

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