janet takes a stab at food blogging!


so, to make this recipe for Super Sassy Strawberry Mint Peppercorn Jam, first start with

1 buttload of strawberries

slice ’em and put ’em in

1 giant pot


then add:

1 buttload of sugar


start that big ole mother boiling and you’re gonna let it do that for like 2+ hours


now. all the recipes I’ve found say add the mint at the very END of the process.

but all the reviews I’ve read say “ohhh I can’t really taste the mint, it’s just all strawberry-y and not minty enough”

so I decided. Ima add the mint at the BEGINNING.

they also all say to chop up the mint by hand, slice it, whatever…but I don’t want the size mint slices I’M capable of slicing all up in my jam, so I food-processed it till they were tiny little bits


[this mint is fresh from our garden, by the way]


so I added all that. probably like 15-20 leaves, all different sizes.

and let it simmer for a little over two hours, stirring every ten minutes or so

while I drank

Baby Tree


out of my wicked great Athena mug

and watched some Kevin Smith q&a


chillin’ on the couch with my best friend ’cause we were home alone


…finished my Baby Tree


lost all interest in taking pictures of the jam, cause hey, Baby Tree is ABV: 9.0%. and LARGE.

but still added the Peppercorn last for the final 15 minutes or so

the recipe calls for anywhere from 10-15 whole, fresh ground peppercorns

and I don’t know how in the crap to measure how many peppercorns are being ground up in my pepper mill

so I just twisted it 150 times. assuming maybe 10 twists = a whole peppercorn

but who knows

also I didn’t take any pictures of the pepper, but …who doesn’t know what a peppercorn looks like.

and it didn’t need any pectin at all, that was wicked cool. I did add a splash of lemon juice while it was boiling, though. at some point.


and when it was done, poured it in jars and then sealed it, boiled the heck out of the jars to ..seal them

and pasteurize them or what-have-you


and voilà!

it’s super delicious, we tried it all by itself last night and were blown away – VERY minty, VERY strawberry sticky sweet

not so much peppery.

Will added some salt to his, which I thought was gross but he liked

and this morning he tried it on a PB&J which he thought was gross and I refused to try

I’m thinking, all alone on biscuits or scones

or on a sandwich with goat cheese and turkey

or on waffles or pancakes or crepes


so there you have it, my completely useless directions for how to make jam!

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