cookie dough reese’s cup brownie dessert bar type things


step one! (we can have lots of fun)

those pre-made cookie dough squares (enough to cover the bottom. each of my thingies took 2.5)

smash em down real good.

step two! (there’s so much we can do!)


one Reese’s Cup per dessert thing.



make a big ole mess

and if there’s one..lonely…Reese’s Cup that shan’t be used…

go’head on and eat it.


step three! (it’s just you and me) mix up a box of brownie mix, according to the box directions..

step four! (I can give you more…)


spoon the batter all on top of the cookie/reese’s cup thing…


bake that whole junk in the oven at 350 for like 25 minutes

step 5!

(don’t you know that the time has arrriiiiived?!)

to pull it out


and they look like that ^^^

….when I let them cool and tried to remove one from the pan whence I baked them…

this is what happened:


(and did I care?!?? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot even a little bit)

..perhaps if I let them cool MORE, they will be more…whole and bar-shaped?

even so. eat these with some yummy vanilla ice cream

and then go buy a treadmill.

’cause DAMN.

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