janet jams (again.) (this is addictive, this jam-making)

how to make Nectarine Honey Peach Jam.

get some delicious Shiraz.


make sure the name of the wine is appropriate to the evening’s activities.

(also get a lot of honey. see back there, behind the wine.)


drink some. limber up.

then peel, slice and chop like four hundred (I mean four.) nectarines.

cut your thumb (not on purpose, sillies) and have your fiance’ finish peeling and chopping the nectarines.


peel and slice a bunch of peaches, too. (six or 8.)

find one that looks like that ^

freak out a little over the fact that Hoggle is probably trying to send you back to the beginning of the Labyrinth.



sort of mash all the fruit (sans skins and pits) in a pot, add like a cup of sugar

and two (or so) cups of honey




let that junk slow-boil/simmer for like an hour or so.


I also added just the tiniest bit of fresh ground nutmeg. maybe like 1/3 of a nutmeg.

take your god-doggies for a walk, because you’re dog-sitting and they want to go out in the rain.

park dunk

shake walk


go back inside and get back to jam-makin.

add a box of Pectin, let it boil for like 5 or so minutes after that

finish mashing it all up with a ..hand-mixer..thingy.

til it’s all Jammy.

pour it in jars, give it a water bath to seal it and kill any and all bacteriums living inside



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