sposa bagnata; sposa fortunata

annnnnd we’re married!

there was the Pre-Wedding Hootenanny and we stayed up all night, laughin dancin lovin


my mom and aunt and bestfriend Carrie all came and needed to see ALL the new england states possible in one day..I’m so so so glad they were here for my beautiful wedding week:


and then..then there was the really for real ceremony, and we vowed and we were hand-fasted and we exchanged beautiful rings and we danced in the rain:


[professional photos comin’ soon – Graham was super awesome, talented and a little nerdy – just like us! heh 🙂 ]

and every sweet lovely family member (and the Justice of AWESOME, Terri Orr) made sure to tell me that the Italians have a saying…sposa-bagnata-sposa-fortunata – which means, a wet bride is a lucky bride..

so here’s to many more years of being a lucky bride ❤

Love you, William, and I’m so, so lucky to be loved by you!

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