11 Ways Childhood Has Changed Since The 90s

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Few things can make a person feel older than talking to somebody from a younger generation about what childhood is like. Even the difference of 10 years makes for radically contrasting experiences. It’s a wonder that any children raised in the strange and nostalgic era between 1990 and 1999 even made it out alive, if we’ve all but abandoned the parenting techniques by which we we raised because they were such bad ideas. Here are a few things we have since reconsidered in the 10 years since the last of the 90s children were born.

1. High fructose corn syrup is now evil.

I mean, it’s never really changed its sugary makeup, and added sugar has probably always been evil, but our parents used to ignore doctor’s sound advice and wire us up to the gills on soda and blue raspberry Gushers. Juice was practically a preventative medicine. Milk came…

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