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“Not satisfied with just having a good marriage, over the past year we decided that instead of 50/50, we would each do everything we could to give 100 percent in our relationship.  Instead of focusing on how we could simply share the load in our relationship, we decided that we would try to serve each other 100%.

Sure there are times when one of us can’t give the other one a full 100% but the beauty of this rule is that the other person will be there to pick up the slack.  Think about it for a second.  If the premise of your marriage is simply a 50/50 relationship and someone gets sick, loses their job, or something else happens then all of a sudden a hole will start to form in your marriage.  One spouse might only be able to give 10% while the other person is still giving 50%.  That leaves an empty 40%.  Soon, the spouse still giving 50% will begin to feel resentment.  All of a sudden, they are the one’s dealing with paying the bills, doing all chores, parenting, etc.  If a relationship is built around this 50/50 philosophy, the extra work for one spouse to keep the marriage afloat when the other spouse is unable to do so will never lead to an AMAZING marriage.

However, there is good news.  If your relationship is centered around giving and serving each other 100% of the time, then no matter what happens, you will be prepared for the times when one spouse can’t give as much as to the other.”

 – liz and ryan

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