thnks fr th mmrs

so the rest of November went like this:

I spent almost a week in Alabama for my favorite uncle’s funeral.

it was small, sad. it was good to see all the people I love, hug their necks, kiss their faces. it was too damn hard to say goodbye to Uncle Peter, though.

I was not ready for it.

I know… no one ever is. but still.

Upon my return to MA, William departed almost immediately for Wisconsin to spend about a week with his mother, who’s recently begun battling cancer.

William & his mom

mom and dad

his little sister and her four children live there, with his parents, and so he got to visit with them, as well

We were all reunited on the 20th and after an uneventful week of school, work, hikes, duck feeding, Marty wrasslin’, and the like –

our next door neighbor’s house burned to the ground on the 27th.

I say “next door”, because it’s the lot right beside ours, but the house is really directly behind ours, across a bunch of water, so we were safe.

the family lives in CT, and this is their summer-home…

the brown house on the right

Sirens and lights were going by our house and we had no idea why…until Noah called to us to come see ‘Neighbor’s house is on fire!’….

beautiful house that the owner poured his heart into

that my mom, ‘aunt’, and ‘sister’ stayed in for a week when they came from Alabama for my wedding. [and another dear friend who flew in from Texas for a couple days too]

the morning after

only remaining semi-wall standing

so heartbreaking, and my view of the lake is that much sadder now.

luckily, no one was injured – the neighbor’s (on the other side) house was damaged some, but their cat was saved – whew.

no word yet on the cause (that we’ve heard, anyhow)

the next day…still reeling…and we’re off to CT for Thanksgiving with William’s fam:

…the next day, people headed to our place for Thanksgiving II: The Turkening

there were hikes and games and movies and leftovers like you wouldn’t believe!

and we discovered someone’s gotten as tall as his aunt!


hope December holds more happy happy memories for us

and less loss.

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