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in the words of my sweet friend Roger:
“Currently, I’m both in production and fundraising modes for my film, “Steve Ross: Giving Back to America”.
It’s a film that I started working on in 2000 about a Holocaust survivor who spends his life after liberation helping young people stay off the streets and steers them to schools.
He becomes a licensed psychologist for Boston for over 40 years, founds the iconic New England Holocaust Memorial, and, after a 67-year search for the US soldier who liberated him from Dachau, is united with the soldier’s family.

Right now, I am in the midst of a crowd funding campaign on a website called Jewcer to raise funds to continue production and edit a rough cut of the film. Week 2 is coming to an end and we’ve raised about 8% of our goal of $40,518.
We could surely use a push with 30 days to go. The website is
If you’re in a position to make a contribution, I’d greatly appreciate it. But, perhaps, the best way to help out is to share the link to the website on any social media you may be on, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like, plus emails and any groups to which you may be connected.
Thanks in advance for whatever help you are willing to give. It’s vital to tell Steve’s story to the world while he and other survivors are here to share it with us.”

and from the fundraising site:

The Jewish Innovation
Since 2000, I’ve been working on a film about Steve Ross, founder of the New England Holocaust Memorial and survivor of 10 concentration camps over 5 years. Despite his tragic childhood, he came to America as a war orphan, learned English and earned 3 college degrees. First, working with youth on the streets of Boston and then as a psychologist, he helped at-risk kids stay off the streets and stay in school, helping them find jobs. His most enduring accomplishment was founding the inspiring New England Holocaust Memorial, which stands in the heart of Boston on The Freedom Trail. After a 67-year search, he found the family of the US soldier who liberated him from Dachau and showed him compassion for the first time.
The Impact
As more and more Holocaust survivors pass away, the truth about what happened to them fades, as deniers grow more prevalent. Steve Ross is a survivor who tells the world of the atrocities that inspired the construction of an iconic Holocaust Memorial in the heart of Boston’s Freedom Trail. This film will afford Jews and others an opportunity to see and hear one of the most outspoken and compelling survivors of the Holocaust, and meet several other survivors who bore witness to the brutality of the Nazis. They will also meet some of the people who were saved by Steve Ross from lives of crime and abuse to become outstanding citizens who paid it forward to help future generations.
This film will help Jews of all ages better understand what happened to their people,
to work towards tolerance and understanding, and inspire all people to strive to achieve exceptional accomplishments.
Participating in funding this film can help raise awareness of the tragic past, while paving the way to a more hopeful future.
What the money is for
The funds will go towards completing the shooting of the film, and for the editing of a rough cut of the film. Approximately 80-90% of the film has already been shot, but except for a demo reel/trailer, no post production has been commenced. The amount needed would pay primarily for a professional editing studio, under the direction of the producer, to edit the preliminary version of the film during a three month period. The funding will also cover some of the costs for our small, professional film crew to shoot additional material, acquisition fees for the archival film footage, some legal fees, and minimal administrative costs needed to push the film towards completion. Funds beyond our goal would go toward graphics production, a second cut of the film, and possibly, some marketing and distribution. Please note that all professional organizations working on this film are providing top level services at substantially discounted rates.”  – click this link to donate and/or share all over the internet.


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