deep fried awesome

so I decided to make these deep-fried tequila shots..

step one – you get your tequila and you put some in a bowl!tequila

angel food cake

you get your store-bought angel food cake because, time. then cut it up into cubes. bite sized.


you heat up some frying oil



(I squeezed some fresh lime juice into my bowl of tequila)


also make sure you have two adorable helpy helpers


dip the cubed angel food cake into the bowl of tequila/lime juice, and then place them into the hot oil…

fry ’em up til they’re golden brown (don’t leave them in too long…)


take them out and let them dry/cool on some paper towels

then sprinkle powdered sugar all over them…


definitely DELICIOUS and awesomely worth it…

but I would’ve let them soak in the tequila for like a whole minute, in retrospect. I only dipped them for a second or two, and they’re not AS tequila-y as I’d like them to be.

still yummo


try them! 


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