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dark chocolate covered candied orange peels

Ran across THIS online – recently and realized I could NOT go one more week of my life without making and consuming these delicious wondrous treats.


So here I go.

I started with four oranges…


cutting off both “ends” and scoring the peels – slicing off little strips and just…eating the oranges. because why not?


Blanching the strips in boiling water – TWICE – for several minutes (3-4) each time.


straining and rinsing the rinds in between the two blanchings


meanwhile – I had one cup of sugar boiling with one cup of water – making a simple syrup


after blanching, straining and rinsing the peels twice – I put them in the boiling simple syrup


and covered it – turning it to low – and letting them simmer in the sugar water for an hour.


then I removed them from the syrup with a slotted spoon and placed them on a wire cookie rack (parchment paper underneath) to cool and dry for a few hours.



they’re so beautiful ..and delicious – just candied like that!

but chocolate makes everything better.


so I melted some dark chocolate chips…


double-boiling – water in the pot, and a glass bowl with the chocolate inside.

until it was all smooth and creamy-licious…


and then dipped each slice right on in!


and placed them on parchment paper to cool and harden…


omg so freaking delicious and beautiful.

I love orange-vanilla everything, and orange-chocolate everything. I’m in heaven.

(the house smells delicious after blanching the orange peels, too, bee tee dubs)




SO I made the deliciousest plum sangria today. I INVENTED it.

One bottle of Jam Jar’s sweet shiraz wine

like a cup or so of blackberry brandy. I think ginger brandy would’ve been good, as an alternative, too.

a cup of spiced plum simple syrup* that I made yesterday

a couple of chopped up plums, blackberries, grapes.

pour it all together and refrigerate it for a few hours

then drink it UP. kind of summery…kind of autumny…all the way decadent and perfect for sipping midway through September while I read The Great Gatsby for the first time in my whole 35 years. weird, right?


rimmed my glass with cinnamon sugar.

*boil one cup of sugar, one cup of water, four pitted and quartered plums, some cinnamon, a few cloves, some all spice until it’s a lovely simple syrup. strain everything out. there you go.