SO I made the deliciousest plum sangria today. I INVENTED it.

One bottle of Jam Jar’s sweet shiraz wine

like a cup or so of blackberry brandy. I think ginger brandy would’ve been good, as an alternative, too.

a cup of spiced plum simple syrup* that I made yesterday

a couple of chopped up plums, blackberries, grapes.

pour it all together and refrigerate it for a few hours

then drink it UP. kind of summery…kind of autumny…all the way decadent and perfect for sipping midway through September while I read The Great Gatsby for the first time in my whole 35 years. weird, right?


rimmed my glass with cinnamon sugar.

*boil one cup of sugar, one cup of water, four pitted and quartered plums, some cinnamon, a few cloves, some all spice until it’s a lovely simple syrup. strain everything out. there you go.



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