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my love is a pine tree ’cause that’s the only tree that’s true

…so we’ve begun making HANGERS for our mason jar solar lanterns!

ultra cool for weddings and other events, draped in trees and in tents

and everywhere you want sun-powered, eco-friendly, upcycled lighting/decorations!

mason jar

solar lights






good day sunshine

front page!

One of our favorite products wound up on Etsy’s FRONT PAGE.

I guess that’s as good a place to start a brand spankin’ new blog as any!

Super exciting day – our lanterns made the front page of Etsy in that gorgeous treasury created by an insanely talented jewelry maker – SabiKrabi

(see our pink lights, top row!?)

thrilling, no!?

We make them together; we craft while we watch old Buffy’s or new Doctor Who’s…& we shop for them together, the jars – picking and hunting through estate sales and barn sales and free-cyclers and dank basements. They’re a neat way to spend time together, and hey, if the rest of the world can enjoy them as much as we do – so much the better!

whatta day all around! swimmin in the lake, watching Alf with the boy (Alf transcends the years – who knew!?), making my first meatloaf evarrr and hearing the proclamations of its deliciousness from both man and boy..

ending the day with a late-night lightning storm, watching it flash and crash over the lake…and drinking a beer with my manly, bespectacled best friend while dog and boy slept in the other room.

I hope I have lots of days like today, now that I have somewheres to write about them!

welcome to our blog, thanks for comin’ to read about whatever we think’s clever, stay a while – it’s bound to be fun!

— janet